What’s in my gecko drawer?

This blog post is about my gecko drawer. I explain all the things I keep in there and how I organize everything.

Short overview:
A calender to track what Arlow eats
A back-up heat mat
Hand warmers for vet visits
A back-up enclosure

This is how I track Arlows feeding. I think it’s very important to track my gecko’s feeding habits.

In the black basket:
1. Repashy calcium plus
2. Calcium plus D3
3. Multi vitamins
4. More multi vitamins
5. Pure calcium
6. Measuring spoons
7. Reptile cleaning spray
8. Paper towels

In the top basket I have a back-up heat mat, which I’ve already needed to use. I really recommend having one. You never know when your heat mat will fail and how fast you can get a new one. This way you’ll always be prepared.
I also have hand warmers for when I need to take Arlow to the vet. The exotic vet here is a long drive away so I bought these hand warmers that stay warm for a few hours to make the trip to the vet a little more comfortable for my gecko.

The orange folder is where I keep documents like the breeders information, vet infomation, the instructions for the heat mat and thermostat…
I also have my gecko (emergency) instructions sheet in here. You can read about that here.
The little black basket is used to carry his bowls downstairs when I need to clean them.

In the drawer you can also find his back-up tank. I use this when I’m cleaning Arlow’s enclosure or for vet visits. I also have a bigger one for longer stays but that one doesn’t fit in here. In the box I keep his old cave and some extra supplies.

In addition to all the things above, I also have a little notebook for Arlow where I keep my favorite photos in. I also write down his progress every month and store it with all his other things in the drawer.

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