Leopard geckos and brumation

Have you noticed your gecko is sleeping way more, not eating (as much), staying on the cold side and generally not being as active? There's a high chance it's because of brumation. During the cold winter months, most leopard geckos (and other reptiles) go into brumation. In this short blog post, I'll explain what that … Continue reading Leopard geckos and brumation

What’s in my gecko drawer?

This blog post is about my gecko drawer. I explain all the things I keep in there and how I organize everything. Short overview:A calender to track what Arlow eatsA back-up heat matHand warmers for vet visitsA back-up enclosureSupplementsBlanketSprayerNotebook Calender: This is how I track Arlows feeding. I think it's very important to track my … Continue reading What’s in my gecko drawer?