Tile as a substrate for leopard geckos

It's been a few months since I changed the substrate in my leopard gecko enclosure from paper towel to tile. And I feel like it's time to share my experience. The pros and cons, the differences with paper towel and if it's the best choice for you. I'm so pleased with the result. The prosHygienic … Continue reading Tile as a substrate for leopard geckos

What’s in my gecko drawer?

This blog post is about my gecko drawer. I explain all the things I keep in there and how I organize everything. Short overview:A calender to track what Arlow eatsA back-up heat matHand warmers for vet visitsA back-up enclosureSupplementsBlanketSprayerNotebook Calender: This is how I track Arlows feeding. I think it's very important to track my … Continue reading What’s in my gecko drawer?